HAL Install in Divisible 300 Student Classroom at PNWU

Consultants at Sparling in Seattle designed a HAL1 system into a Pacific Northwest University lecture hall. Delta AV in Gresham, OR, are doing the installation. Two classrooms can be combined. Each room requires 75 push-to-talk mics for students – one at every other desk. The 150 student mics mute locally, and a variety of teachers’ mics and laptop RAD feeds tackle the instructor audio.PNWU Room Combine

Twenty-two AM2 gain-sharing automixers offer the ultimate solution. Daisy-chaining the Cascade ports on the first eight AM2 mixers provides the first 64 mics. A single shielded CAT 5e cable delivers the one-channel mix to the one RAD port on an EXP1. A second cable to a second RAD port provides the remaining 11 student mics mixed together to complete the student mix for the first room. The second room’s 75 mics from the remaining eleven AM2s occupy the third and fourth RAD ports. Four wireless teachers’ mics feed four analog inputs on the HAL1 and a smattering of RAD devices around the rooms handle laptop and extra wired mics. The HAL1’s Gigabit Ethernet port handles the room combine and levels under Crestron control using Halogen’s control protocol that is very simple ASCII text over TCP/IP.


Here is a photo of the rack.Crestron Logo

Racks of Rane: HAL1, 2 EXP1s, 22 AM2s

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