Need One Cable Through Multiple Conference Rooms with an AEC Mic Mixer Under Each Table? We’ve Got That.

Easy Audio ConferencingOver and over again, customers interested in Rane’s EXP7x Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC) for the HAL1x asked for this solution. Their problem is, there’s no way – conduit or otherwise – to get the ten mics and two lines in each of several conference rooms to an AEC and the interconnect for VoIP, video codecs (remember those?), control systems, et cetera. Enter the HAL1x approach below.

One cable between roomPlace the HAL1x DSP brain and a small stack of daisy-chained EXP7x drag-and-drop AECs in the equipment room. Continue the Expansion Bus shielded CAT5e daisy-chain to the first conference room. Under the table, provide AC power and the single shielded CAT 5e cable to one or more EXP5x input & DSP expanders. Wire the mics and lines to the EXP5x. Then, continue the Expansion Bus cable to the next room. Lather, rinse, repeat.Lather

Also keep in mind that the HAL1x Expansion Bus supports 100 meters (300 feet) over copper cable, and supports fiber optic Media Converters for extending the distances between rooms (EXPs) to ridiculous lengths.

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