Halogen Tutorial Video: Programming DR Remotes: Selecting Sources and Adjusting Volume in Many Independent Zones

Rane’s DR3 remote and its siblings, the DR2 & DR1, are consistently praised by contractors and consultants as the most intuitive and easy-to-understand control devices – especially when you have end users who need something simple.

Rane DR3, DR2 & DR1 remotes

At their cost-effective price point, these Digital Remotes, or “DRs,” are the perfect solution to augment one of the four HAL audio DSP brains.
The following instructional video explains how to program Halogen and get these devices linked to selectors and volume controls in the Processing Map audio flow.┬áThe application example gets slightly advanced, which is typically not required for most DR programming tasks. We’ll use presets to activate and deactivate the links between DR remotes and selectors & level controls in the audio flow.

In this application, we’re using a DR2 to select zones (using Presets). Once a zone is selected, the DR3 remote displays the selected zone’s current volume and selected source. This allows two remotes to display and provide end user editing of up to 20 completely independent zones.

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