Rane HAL2 Installation – JJ Mahoney’s Restaurant

Private Dining Room

Private Dining Room

JJ Mahoney’s Classic Irish Pub in Redmond, Washington wrapped up a remodel in November 2012. They’ve been open through it all, so the Guinness has not stopped flowing. The new hub of the audio system is Rane’s HAL2, used for independent source selection and volume control in the eight zones.

Presets recalled in a Rane DR2 remote control individual zones, or all zones at once. A Rane DR3 remote allows the staff to adjust the source and volume in the zone selected by the DR2.

PlayNetwork’s Jeff Wilkinson did the Halogen programming and dove directly into a somewhat advanced approach for the remotes: recalling a selector preset on the DR2, and re-linking the DR3 across the selected zone(s). The primary goal was to keep the remote interface simple for the staff and easy on the owner’s pocket book. This winning combo is one of the main selling points of Rane’s HAL System.

JJ Mahoney's Entrance

JJ Mahoney’s Entrance

The DR2 lists each zone, including an “All Zones” selection. Once a zone is selected on the DR2, the DR3 displays the selected zone name with the current volume setting and the selected background music source.

They have eight sources: four TVs, PlayNetwork’s MC500 audio streamer, a wireless microphone, and line-level input jacks in the private dining room and the bar. The HAL2 also provides source and zone parametric EQ, compression, and lip sync delay to align the dozen large screen TVs with the audio since the video receiver delay is 600 milliseconds.

JJ Rack

Halogen in its native environment

Rane DR2 & DR3 Remotes

Rane DR2 & DR3 Remotes

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