Tech Topic – Rane DR3 LCD Screen Editing

The end user interface provided by Rane’s DR1, DR2 & DR3 remotes is what solves customer problems for sound contractors.

The Halogen software allows advanced customization to ease end user cognitive friction. Here’s how to use Halogen software to change what appears on the LCD screen.

In Rane’s Halogen software, make sure you’ve added the DR(s) in question to the Hardware workspace. This tells the HAL device which DR is expected to connect at a given physical DR port in the HAL system. To alter the behavior of the DR’s LCD screen, double-click on the brown bar for the DR – or click the gear symbol that appears when hovering the mouse over the DR’s brown icon.

For example, the DR2 can behave as a radio button selector called “Single Selector” or as a “List of Toggles/Commands” which offers checkbox behavior.

Now click the Processing tab on the upper right. Click the third “HW Controls” tab on the far left. You’ll find each DR remote listed here. Click the yellow underlined text for the DR remote. Edit the “Display Label” field.


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