Know HAL #1: HAL’s “Get on the Plane” Indicator

DeparturePlane.jpgDoes your formerly favorite audio DSP tell you all 7 of the following things with a single, live device software indicator?

All hardware devices in your original Halogen design file are:

(1) physically present in the building and connected,

(2) in the proper location in the building,

(3) all cables were pulled through the building without mistakes or mislabeled cables,

(4) all cable crimps on all RJ-45 cables are correct,

(5) control communications and all audio I/O are already working,

(6) the settings for all DR and RADs are intact and working,

(7) the proper version of firmware is already loaded and working in every attached HAL System device.

HAL’s Host Status indicator means all of these things when it is green. Thus, green means, you can get on the plane and be assured the system is as you designed it, likely, months ago.

Green means "Get on the Plane"

Green means “Get on the Plane”

But more importantly, when it is not green (it turns yellow), something is wrong and  the HAL hardware and Halogen software both point you toward the exact cause of the problem.  You are shown the specific cable, or errant hardware device, or the cable or cables with a bad crimp or that are swapped. We wonder if any product, in any industry does this?

Yellow means "Don't Get On the Plane, Yet."

Yellow means “Don’t Get On the Plane, Yet.”

How much time on job sites do you or your team spend on all of the above potential troubleshooting tasks? It may be measured in days, not hours at some installs.

Fix the yellow indicators before boarding the plane.

Fix the yellow indicators before boarding the plane.

Here’s a video with more details.

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