Georgia HAL Install – Moving the DR & RAD Locations Around

Or Hadash SanctuaryAri Newman at Shade Tree AV in Atlanta, Georgia, installed a HAL System in the Congregation Or Hadash in Sandy Springs, GA. Architectural firm BLDGS brought Shade Tree AV into the project to design a system that complemented the venue’s contemporary design.
The client wanted an audio system that could accommodate many different use scenarios, and the preset capabilities in HAL were the perfect choice.In the sanctuary, religious services are led by a husband & wife Rabbi team from Argentina. Both sing, and he plays guitar. They require the ability to plug in audio sources at the reading table as well as control the level for each input, or mix inputs. The reading table is occasionally moved, so Ari needed a solution that can disconnect all the local audio inputs & controls and move them to the other location and reconnect.
Or Hadash reading tableThe solution: Ari installed three RAD1s to accommodate 6 XLR microphone inputs. One RAD2 adds a seventh mic and dual RCA/3.5 mm inputs for a mono-ed laptop and/or other line inputs. A DR3 remote control is in the Halogen Hardware Workspace as a “List of Levels.” The RADs are under the table behind the door.
The DR3’s List of Levels control mode sets up its LCD screen as a multizone level control or, in this case, as a simple mixer. See the “DR3 as a mixer” photo. DR3 as a mixer
The lower knob moves the highlighted text up and down and automatically the large text at the top displays the selected Level. The top knob adjusts the volume of the selected source. A Max and Min value for each level in Halogen software allowed Ari to provide only the appropriate gain so the Rabbis can’t get into trouble with feedback. An additional Off at Min software setting independently permits each level to mute, or not. The DR3 mounts inside a drawer in the reading table.
Four Community i2W8 loudspeakers and Crown amplifiers provide the coverage for the listening area.
Since the five shielded CAT 5e cables between the rack room HAL1 to the reading table RADs and DR3 can unplug and re-plug into a secondary floor box, one challenge was trying to make this physically fit in the existing floor box. At first, Ari thought he could find a way to squeeze four Rane RADX devices into the two space floor box. After hours of trying to make the RADX setup work, Ari swapped out the RADX devices for shielded CAT5e couplers.
Occasionally, the synagogue has a live musical service, and Ari needed a flexible solution to accommodate an ever-changing lineup of musicians. In the audio room, Ari installed an Allen & Heath ZED24 mixer and fed its output to two analog inputs on the HAL1. Ari also installed a second DR3 remote in this room that mirrors all functions of the reading table DR3 remote. This gave the client the ability to mix for the live performance setup, and adjust the reading table RAD levels from a 2nd location.
In the Social Hall, Ari installed a DR2 & DR3 along with three Community V2-3294 suspended loudspeakers. Depending on the preset selected on the DR2, the room either functions independently or acts as an “overflow” for the sanctuary.
Rane’s Chris Duncan assisted with programming the HAL configuration file based on the requirements discussed during preliminary setup. After setup & testing, Ari worked hand in hand with Chris to modify the setup based on the client’s changing needs. Working directly with Chris and having the ability to easily exchange configuration files via email allowed functional changes in the field.
Ari also prewired a courtyard area with loudspeaker wire and shielded CAT5e for future use. There are plenty of spare audio I/O, RAD and DR ports on the HAL System to accommodate just about anything the rabbis can throw at it. Hopefully, he won’t throw his guitar.
Cong O Hadash Exterior Hadash HAL equipment rack

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