Rane’s Acoustic Echo Canceling for HAL1x and Customizable Web Control for Any HAL

Here’s a preview of Halogen 4.0’s products announced at InfoComm in Orlando, Florida, June 2013.

  1. Drag and drop Acoustic Echo Canceling for the HAL1x in the new EXP7x Expander.
  2. Completely customizable Web Control of any HAL using almost any device with a web browser – no Apps required – just a smart phone, tablet and/or PC
  3. The new HAL4 with 2-channel drag-and-drop DSP.

Halogen 4.0-generated custom Web Control GUI

The EXP7x is an 8-channel Acoustic Echo Canceler (AEC) for the HAL1x. Standard equipment includes AGC for soft/loud talkers, parametric EQ, ambient noise reduction (ANR), fully adjustable non-linear processing (NLP), adjustable AEC Threshold for gated mic uses, and a full complement of metering for echo return loss to ease setup. Not-so-standard or advanced equipment includes full drag-and-drop functionality. Use the AEC block with any HAL1x input anywhere in the system (e.g., analog, RAD, EXP, AES3). You can even re-purpose AEC blocks between inputs: use AEC with the Flamingo room mics today, and recall a preset to use the same AEC block resources with the Gecko room mics tomorrow.

HAL's EXP7x AEC details

HAL’s EXP7x AEC details

Beyond the realm of anything you’ve seen for AEC are Halogen’s application-level DSP blocks. The dedicated AEC Room Combine Processor automatically routes both the AEC Reference signal and handles the Far End I/O as walls combine. And the new Multichannel PEQ and Shelf filters and Tracking Ambient Noise Compensation (ANC) and Compressor blocks automatically mirror room processing in the AEC reference – no pasting required!

Web Controls – Control the Levels, Selectors, Toggles and Commands in any HAL System from any device with a web browser. Halogen 4.0’s Web Controls feature allows the creation of custom HTML GUI control screens. Define the control page quantity, the layout, labeling and size of each control, and test them using your default web browser from within Halogen.

 The HAL4 is a stand-alone 2X2 drag-and-drop DSP device. It solves just about every signal processing problem found in one and two channel systems. It includes EQ, AGC, feedback suppression, ambient noise compensation, complete dynamics, delay, paging, mixing, wired and wireless remote control using DR remotes and Web Controls. Inputs are Line / Line-Plus / Mic / Mic+48V capable. Besides supporting balanced line and microphone inputs, Line-Plus allows a stereo unbalanced pair to convert to a single L+R mono signal. Standard balanced line-level outputs are provided.

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