Rane ships new Halogen 4.0, EXP7x & HAL4 on HALloween

HAL4, EXP7x & Halogen 4.0 ship on HALoween

HAL4, EXP7x & Halogen 4.0 ship on HALoween

He not someone dressed as a UPS driver for Halloween. It’s Rane’s first HAL4 and EXP7x products shipping. Included in the box, and on Rane’s website is Halogen 4.0 software that adds support for the Web Controls feature in any HAL ever shipped. A firmware update to existing HAL devices allows customizable web page creation within Halogen. Run the custom page(s) on any smartphone, tablet or computer’s web browser (yellow stickies optional).

7 Simultaneous Wireless Control Devices (… because you can)

7 Simultaneous Wireless Control Devices (because you can)

Here’s a Halogen tutorial video explaining how to setup a HAL4 with custom Web Controls:

7 Simultaneous Wireless Control Devices (because you can)

EXP7x testing is done; shipping boxes are waiting

HAL4s – headed to installs today

4 thoughts on “Rane ships new Halogen 4.0, EXP7x & HAL4 on HALloween

  1. very interested in the HAL system especially the AEC module. Out of curiosity though, will there be a future Expander type device that will include an analog phone dialer and a VoIP phone dialer in one package that can be controlled via the HAL software and all third party providers (AMX / Crestron / Web Controls). I work with these types of systems form other manufacturers (Clear One – Biamp – Polycom) and the primary issue that I have with the HAL system is the lack of an integrated dialer product. Additionally, what are the chances of doing something like the Clear One Beam Forming Microphone (http://www.clearone.com/uploads/resource/802_000_100_31_DS_Rev_1_2_Beamforming_Microphone_Datasheet.pdf) on the HAL expansion buss?

    Thank you.

    -Tony from Portland

  2. Hi Tony, we’ve got the dialer and VoIP idea on our list certainly. Unknown ETA (if I told you, I’d have to shoot you and the owners here frown upon this – I heard ’cause it reduces the number of customers, jeez). And we’re unlikely to move into the microphone business – although we’ve had a request or two to support the DSP algorithm that would permit connecting such mic arrays. But this is not a priority given the other things on our plate.

    • Thank you for the reply. I hope that the POTS/VoIP Dialer is not terribly far away in the pipeline. Regarding the “shooting of customers”, the powers that be are probably correct that we shouldn’t be doing that sort of thing…Though sometimes I can see how tempting that might be…;)

      Another question came to mind as I was perusing various manufacturer’s DSP boxes, are there any plans to provide a HAL to Cobranet (or for that matter Dante) expansion module which would allow someone to more fully utilize the Mongoose product line and certain amplifier manufacturers who are using Cobranet and/or Dante? Further, any possibility of the Mongoose line transferring over to Dante in the future? (Might be hard to find an appropriate metaphorical rival though… The “Mongoose” vs “Cobra”net one is hard to top)

      • The POTS/VoIP stuff is (unfortunately) farther out (perhaps a lot) versus the Dante Expansion Bus device for the HAL1x we’re secretly working on for this summer. (Now we’ll send our sniper your way since I’ve let the cat out of the bag.) It’s almost like there are not infinite resources here. Hmm. : )

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