Problems & Solutions – What Your IT Folks Need to Know About HAL & Halogen

If your computer needs to run Halogen or talk to a HAL device, yet you have an IT dude or dudette who installs and sets up your computer, this post is for them.

Halogen is a Windows-only application, but it runs great on Apple virtual Windows machines with Bootcamp, Parallels and VMWare Fusion.

All HALs always use a Link Local IP Address (e.g., 169.254.x.y) to communicate with the Halogen software. Also, in your office or job site network (if any) HAL devices support multiple simultaneous IP Addresses. Each HAL supports DHCP (off by default) and up to 8 manually entered static IP addresses. For gory details see the Halogen Help topic “Working with DHCP, Static IP Addresses, and Routers.”
Get started by reading these 3 Help topics in the Halogen Software:
1) Working with DHCP, Static IP Addresses, and Routers. Share or print this for your IT people
2) Ethernet Communications Between Halogen and HAL. The IT department on your job site will need the info on this Help page too. It lists the ports to open and protocols involved.

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