December at Rane carries a few traditions. First is the calendar of events throughout the month beginning with the tree decorating in the lunch room. There’s also several “garment” days such as wear red & green day, wear bells day, wear a holiday hat day and, my favorite, wear an ugly holiday sweater day. This year, my entry was aided by the $19.99 Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit.

Ugly Sweater Kit

A trivia game is held 5 or 6 times throughout the month where winners with the correct answer drawn from a hat get a multitude of incoming gifts from various vendors, customers, awards programs and general random acts of kindness. Typical prizes are gift packs galore, iTunes, restaurant, movie and other gift cards, and the center pieces that adorn the lunch room tables.

Owner, Linda and her elves, serve the entire company a couple of breakfasts and lunches at various times during the month. There’s oatmeal one day, scrambled eggs another, chili lunch a third and an exquisitely enhanced chicken noodle soup that’s Linda’s specialty. But it’s the trimmings at every one of these meals that really brings back the memories. It’s the Hostess chocolate cupcakes and Twinkies, the Goldfish, Saltines, and Oreo chocolate and vanilla cookies that remind me of home.All the fixin's

And every year, there’s the Toys for Tots pile. Here’s this year’s 100+ toys from Rane’s employees.

Rane's Toys for Tots 2013 motherlode

Rane’s Toys for Tots 2013 motherlode

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