Halogen Install Hiccup

We’ve had a few customer calls where attempting to install Halogen was halted by Microsoft Windows installer error 2343.

Officially it is Error 2343: Specified path is empty during installation.

CanIn simple terms, this means a location where files must be written to and read from is not available. Either the destination is protected, or just does not exist. Maybe an external or network drive is unavailable.

Two practical solutions are available for repairing the issue.

One is to use Microsoft’s tool Err2343.exe, available from their Support site, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/234435.

A second option and perhaps better is to address Registry errors that commonly cause the directory problem. We have referred customers to Piriform’s website to download CCleaner, which is free for both personal and commercial use. Two of the clients who used CCleaner reported not only that Halogen installed correctly after using the tool, but also that other problematic issues related to Windows had “miraculously vanished.”

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