The Rane PAR – Pro Audio Reference

Highlight educationRane has always been about education, not marketing. Twice a year and with no – or at least, not enough – fanfare, Rane owner, Dennis Bohn, updates the Pro Audio Reference on Rane’s website. If you don’t know it, the PAR is an audio dictionary and then some. It’s August first today, so new updates are published. February first is the other release date for new audio items. Here are a few new things:

Inchindown – where the world’s longest reverberant echo is produced. Seventy (yes, 70) to 17 seconds, depending on your soprano sax range.

If you’re a fan of being mean to cats, you should check out the cat organ.

See why the number 1089 is incredibly fascinating. Ok, this one isn’t audio related, but it sure is cool.

If you’re a technical or nontechnical writer, you’ll want to study the Pro Audio Style Guide. See the new gauge vs. gage entry along with 22 other “vs.” clarifications. Such as proper use of 16-bit vs. 16 bitambience vs. ambiance; disc vs. disk; and, is it loudspeaker grille or grill? And my personal favorite: bus vs. buss.

Since we live in a world of rapid change, corrections and clarifications are also included for each new PAR update. Under the updated term ribbon microphone, learn why one of the best audio authors and engineers ever, Harry F. Olson, is usually credited as the inventor of ribbon microphones, even though this is historically incorrect.

I’ve purposely not linked to some of the above since each time I read the PAR, I discover a myriad of new things to learn just by poking around. Is it hokey-pokey, or hokey-cokey?

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