Rane EXP2x Dante Programming Intro

EXP2x Dante Expander for the HAL1x

Setting up Rane’s EXP2x requires a different workflow in Halogen than all other HAL devices. In Halogen 5.0 there are only three things to do with the EXP2x. All other set up, routing, naming and troubleshooting steps require Audinate’s Dante Controller software. All parameter settings in the live Dante devices and network are pushed from Dante Controller to the EXP2x. Thus, Halogen software receives real-time updates from the network.

But no data is pushed from Halogen toward the Dante network – it’s always Dante going to HAL (pun intended). This creates a very clear line between where to go to edit parameters and troubleshoot. It’s all about Dante Controller.

Once the live settings push into the HAL System devices, the names appear in Halogen and are saved over top of the default HAL parameters to the Halogen configuration file.

Setup-wise, the three things Halogen does with the EXP2x are:

1) Tell the HAL1x how many EXP2x Dante devices to expect, physically.

2) Blink the EXP2x Locate indicator (same as Dante Controller’s “Identify” button)

3) Allows wiring the 32 receive (RX) and 32 transmit (TX) Dante channels into Halogen’s DSP blocks in the Processing Workspace (audio flow).

Here’s a detailed video outlining the programming steps and much more for both Dante Controller and Halogen 5.0 software:


Dante Controller User Guide:  HTML   PDF

Setup network wiring - original artwork. Expo ink on whiteboard - 1 of 1.

Setup network wiring – original artwork. Expo ink on whiteboard – 1 of 1.

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