DR6 touch screen & Web Controls programming in Halogen 5.0

Halogen 5.0 uses the same Control Page Designer interface so you can create control pages, then assign them to Web Controls (smart phones, tablets or PC web browsers) or to one or more DR6 remotes, or to both. This tutorial video details all the steps to create pages, link controls, create user logins and assign both users and/or DR6 remotes to the suite of pages you create.

DR6 and RPI CAT 5e distance

In the video, we program two physical DR6 remotes. One DR6 for the Manager and another DR6 for the Staff. The Manager and Staff have independent login access codes.

Here’s a general outline of the tasks, and the time stamp in the video you’ll find each step.

1. Creating new, or opening offline configuration files or live HALs – 0:00

2. Tell the HAL what ports to expect which DR6 devices – once everything is connected live -0:44

3. Create and find the Level, Selector… links needed for the controls on the DR6 screen(s) – 1:58

4. In the Control Page Designer, create the Pages, their controls, links and navigation buttons between pages -2:20

5. Set up user logins with the Page Access interface – 9:45

6. Preview HTML Pages on the Web server in Halogen – 11:47

7. Preview Pages for each DR6 remote -13:32

8. Verify and fix login and navigation steps to ease and improve the user experience  -14:19

9. Apply your design file to a live HAL; primary RPI cabling connections for the DR6; and verify live DR6 operation – 18:40

Grab a coffee or your favorite beverage and enjoy.

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