Here are three things you may have missed in Halogen.

1. Orthogonal wires

2. Notes pane

3. Hardware pane

Many customers ask “How do I get straight wires with sharp corners on the Processing Map?”

While in Processing Map, click on the drop-down arrow next to Settings, at top right in Application section, (see image). Settings_Drop_Down_in_Halogen

Click on the first option to enable Orthogonal Wires.

For those users who have need to track changes and log details, the Notes pane is very useful.

At the top center of screen, in Edit section, is the Notes button. Click on it, type anything you want to keep in the Halogen configuration, (see image).


Text saved in Notes pane will LOAD into HAL unit, when configuration is applied.

A frequent question is “How can I add a static IP to the HAL?”

One MUST be connected to HAL unit to add or change static IP. In Halogen, click on Connect button at top left. In the Connect to Device pane, click Connect. When prompted to save configuration, choose accordingly. With live unit available, on the Hardware tab, click on settings gear symbol, (see image).


In this pane, one may add up to 10 static IP addresses. Other network settings are managed here as well, e.g., enable DHCP, assign gateway and DNS values, (see image).


Notes: Host Name is always RANEHAL. Link Local is used by Halogen, will always be 169.254.###.### and cannot be disabled or manually changed. DHCP is disabled in HAL units by default.

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