HAL’s End of Year

This is the final HAL blog post for 2015 and it is one covering a few things without getting too deep.

Days ago Halogen 6.1.0 was released, which supports the newest addition to HAL family: RAD26. This phenomenal unit combines color LCD, flexible rotary controls, a multitude of inputs and outputs as well as providing 8 watts of audio into 8 ohms!

When 2015 began, Halogen 5.0.0 was shipping. Now we have 6.1.0. Wow, time flies! Our DR6 touchscreen remote was new to the HAL hardware family and a year later many will tell you it is slick, robust, feature rich and very cost effective.

New installations of HAL in 2015 covered a wide array of venue types, needs and applications. Locales ranged from medical operating room observation-centers to detention interview rooms and even an outdoor water-park got its HAL system expanded.

A very well received member of the family is model EXP2x Dante expansion unit. During this past year, some individuals consulted our technical support personnel regarding Dante, simply because these users were new to the platform. Rane’s expert technical staff addressed all questions and assisted with numerous designs as well as deployments.

Of all the systems using HAL, houses of worship presented the most diverse array of users. A particular venue had the unique requirement of “Men’s” and “Women’s” DR3 controls. It was great to support this specialized need without any unique programming or hardware requirements. In the end, it was truly a HAL-lowed hall, pun intended.

Great success was realized by numerous installers who setup HAL web controls for access via wireless devices. A plethora of tablets, phones and touchscreen laptops were deployed to interact with HAL web server. Not requiring an app nor any specialized client software made setups quick and simple. Many purchasers commented on the fact that using apps can create problems down the road, when things become “no longer supported”. HAL shines brightly in this regard: most any device which has a web browser can interact with HAL via web controls. This is HUGE!

For now, we will close 2015 by wishing all a Happy New Year.

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