Rane RAD26 – The 1-cable drop RAD

If you need a break from reading, just watch this video introduction to the RAD26:

Rane’s new RAD26, a member of Rane’s HAL System provides enough audio and control I/O to support one room in a HAL audio system.

 Applications include:

• Spa & Massage Rooms.

• Skyboxes & VIP rooms in Entertainment Complexes

• Meeting Rooms and Classrooms.

• Presentation Spaces.

• Hotel or cruise ship guest rooms.

• Cry Rooms / Mother’s Lounges in House of Worship.

 Using one shielded category cable drop, the RAD26 provides any room with a dual 4-watt amp, end-user control (encoder) knobs via a customizable LCD display, a universal audio I/O interface, plus headphone output and line-level input jacks for local audio needs. Three logic inputs and three active-low logic outputs add to the control capabilities. The amp permits a single channel option of 8 watts into 8 Ω.

If your application requires any combination of these features, the RAD26 can handle it with aplomb:

• Local audio line input (smartphone, laptop, MP3, DVD)

• One or two microphone or line-level inputs

• Amplifier outputs for ceiling speakers

• Level control & Source selection with customizable end user interface.

Since the RAD26 is connected to a HAL system, each room can select local or system sources and is accessible for normal, priority or emergency paging.

Finally, an extensible, flexible custom universal interface for audio and control using a single cable.

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